At the turn of the century, people developed a major interest in mythology and archaeology. More and more research was done and everything ancient and mysterious underwent thorough interpretations. Moreover, this was how the story of the doom of the island Mu in the Pacific Ocean which, according to some contemporary mystics, was the parent city of Atlantis and which colonized ancient Europe and America.

The originator of the incredible story of Mu was Augustus Le Plongeon, son of a French naval officer. For years, he had been studying the ancient Maya on the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. He came to the conclusion that the Mayan people had been an extraordinary nation that used clairvoyance and “magic mirrors“ to have a look at the future. And what is more, he claimed that the Maya were prehistoric seafaring people and founders of civilizations who crossed the Pacific Ocean and even reached Persia and Egypt. Le Plongeon compared architecture, religions and sun cults of the civilizations in order to provide a solid basis for his thesis.

Partly, his research was based upon the Troano Codex, one of the three records still available that had been written on inner bark as was usual Mayan proceeding. The Spanish people of the Colonial Age destroyed all writings of the Maya claiming that it was nothing but evil work.

Below is an excerpt from the Troano Codex, the translations are not to be taken as ultimate facts since only a third of the Mayan scripts has been decoded so far:

"(...)In the year Okan, on 11 Mulac, in the month Zac, there occurred terrific earthquakes which continued without interruption until 13 Chuen. The country of the Hills of Mud, The Land of Mu, was sacrificed. Being twice upheaved it disappeared during the night, being continually shaken by fires of the under earth. Being confined these caused the land to sink and to rise several times and in various places. At least the surface gave way, and then ten countries were torn asunder and were scattered. They sank with their 64 million of eight thousand years before this book was written.(...)"

These translations motivated me to compare them with the Plato‘s dialogues. Although I am not a major supporter of the Mu theory, I found out the following:

1. According to Plato, Atlantis had 10 kingdoms. In Mu, the 10 lands were torn to pieces by means of the catastrophe.
2. Atlantis disappeared during one horrible day and one horrible night. Mu vanished after several earthquakes during one night.
3. There had been terrible earthquakes at the time Mu sank. When Atlantis faced its doom there were tremendous earthquakes and inundations.
4. Both Mu and Atlantis had been “sacrificed“ to force people into a better way of living.
5. Atlantis sank 11 600 years ago while Mu sank 10 400 years ago, provided that the Troano Codex dates back to the 15th century AD.

If the story of Mu (or whatever it might be called) is true, a huge island must have sunk about 11 000 years ago. However, the question arises whether this mysterious island was situated in the Atlantic Ocean or in the Pacific Ocean, for the Mayan records do not include definite geographical information.

But taking into consideration the location of the Yucatan peninsula, the Mayan centre of power, one might assume that the island must have sunk very close to them, that is in the Caribbean area or in the Atlantic Ocean. Hence, the erudite Maya would support Plato’s records.

Probably, the dates given in the manuscript have to be “considered as correct“, for the Mayan people had been excellent mathematicians even familiar with arithmetic (order of numbers including zero values). Moreover, the Maya had elaborated a calendar dating back to 3113 BC.

Nonetheless, as with Atlantis, the same unanswered questions remain:

Where and from who had the Maya got the story about the catastrophic event and how did this story survive in their minds for 8 000 years?

Had there really been a catastrophic event? If yes, did this event survive because it had been passed on from generation to generation? And was that why mistakes have occured in the field of numbers and dates?  

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