Worldwide, about 600 legends revolving around inundations are known. Together, they invite the inference of a terrible catastrophe 3 000 to 10 000 years ago which might be brought into connection with the disappearance of Atlantis. If people remember such a global event then it should suffice to explore the regions both east and west of the Atlantic Ocean and find connections that fit into the Atlantis myth.

Some critics assume that the Flood records are restricted to the Mediterranean area, that is the Bible, the Koran and the Epic of Gilgamesh. Consequently, a global catastrophe would then be excluded. However, they did not pay attention to the fact that the people from China, India and Scandinavia as well as the Aztecs also left behind records of similar flood catastrophes. Almost all of these records include a survivor who passes on the knowledge to following generations. Did that also happen to the Atlanteans who spread their knowledge all around the Atlantic Ocean after having survived a flood?


This picture shows that the ancient Aztecs too had a character like Noah. He is depicted fleeing from a sinking island. According to their legends, the Aztecs originate from a sunken land located in the eastern ocean, that is the Atlantic Ocean. Legends from both North and South America say that they had their knowledge from inhabitants of the eastern continent and that, originally, they also came from this continent.

The survey below covers the most famous legends of the Flood:

Myths of the Flood

In their sacred book, the POPOL VUH, the Quiche Maya write that the eastern land they once inhabited was a true paradise with black and white people living together in harmony until the god Hurakan (Hurrican) became angry and flooded the land.

In Greek mythology, Deukalion (a Thessalian king and son of Prometheus, the creator of mankind) and Phyrra (daughter of Epimetheus, brother of Prometheus) were the sole survivors of the Flood. Here, Prometheus was the one to warn them of the Flood which was sent by Zeus. They disembarked in the land of Phokis on Parnassus Mountain. Zeus did not kill them bceause they still believed in the gods.

In the bible and in the Epic of Gilgamesh, the records of the Flood are almost identical – all people and animals except for a pair of each kind were killed by the Flood. While in the Bible God sent the Flood, it was the god Enlil in the Epic of Gilgamesh. The Flood came because people had been wicked and arrogant, just as in the Antlantis dialogues. Both heroes survived the Flood by means of an enormous ark. They were given the blueprints by their respective gods.

Gilgamesh, the hero of Uruk, visited this survivor called Utnapishtim on an island in the ocean (not the Atlantic Ocean) where he hoped to find the plant of eternal life. Unfortunately, chance would have it that this plant had been stolen by a snake. What is remarkable about this story is that Gilgamesh found the plant of eternal life in the depths of the ocean. The Gilgamesh Flood is the oldest written record of a global Flood sent by the gods. In Sumeric writings, the Flood hero is called Ziusudra.

The Koran teaches that God allowed Noah to warn the inhabitans of Ad of the coming Flood. It should be pointed out that, according to many records, Ad or At is the first syllable of Atlantis. According to the Bible, Noah “warns“ the people of a catastrophe to come which is due to their godless and sinful behaviour.

MANU was the first being and progenitor in Hinduistic mythology. He saved MATSYA ( a fish that is supposed to have been Vishnu’s first incarnation) from being swallowed. The fish grew bigger and bigger in MANU’s home. When it became too big the fish asked MANU to bring him to the ocean. Before MATSYA swam under water he warned MANU of the Flood and told him to build a big ship and embark with a wide variety of animals and seeds. Yet when it started raining MANU’S ship was still in the making and in danger of sinking. Then MATSYA returned and told MANU to fix the ship to a high mountain and wait for the Flood to be over. Out of profound thankfulness MANU arranged for a sacrifice of milk and butter. One year later, MANU’s daughter IDA was born out of this sacrifice and the two of them created a new human race.

Reading through these accounts and records one cannot help but acknowledge Plato’s report. This record also revolves around the gods resolving to have Atlantis disappear when mankind became spoilt, materialistic and infamous.

The actual origin of the Flood legends is as puzzling for the scientific world as is Atlantis. It is assumed that the Venus entered our solar system and thereby threw the earth out of its balance. Furthermore, a comet or asteroid is believed to have hit the earth. So far, evidence has only been found for the melting of the glaciers 10 000 years ago and also for the fact that these legends can be found worldwide.  

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