If we have a look at the languages on earth we will discover that some of them sound very similar, especially if on distant continents. Relating these languages to Atlantis leads to a single assumption – was there a primeval language? And was this the Atlantean language?

Nowadays, linguists still discuss the topic of our primeval language and do not seem to find a definite answer. But let us have a look at some similarities:

Aztecan Ancient Greek Maya
Tlaloc (water god) Thallasa (water) Thallac (not solid)
Aztecan Berber-language  
atl (water) atl (water)  
American indian Indian  
Manitou (the great spirit) Manu (the great spirit)  
Aztecan Greek  
teo oder theul (God) theos (God)  
Delaware indian Greek Brazil. Indian
potomac (river) potamus (river) poti (river)
  oika (Home) oka (Home)
Ketschua Ancient egypt  
andi (high mountain) anti (high ridge)  

These similarities could be claimed to be subject to onomatopoeia, but the words listed above all relate to Atlantis - water stands for destruction and life, god means salvation and so forth.

The respective words for ‘father‘ are another example for a similar sound in many language communities on earth:

Basque aita
Ketschua taita
Turkish ata
Dakota (Sioux) atey
Nahuatl (Aztecan) tata
Seminole intati
Zuni tat'chu
Maltese tata
Tagalog tatay
Welsh tad
Romanian tata
Singhalesian thatha
Fidschi tata
Samoan tata

All these similarities could mean that a global contact existed between people in ancient times. This assumption is supported by the following illustrations of sun boats from Egypt, Sumer, California, Spain and Sweden.

Moreover, there is a striking similarity between the Welsh language (England) and the language of the Wandan Indians (America)

boat corwyg koorig
paddle rhyyf (ree) ree
old hen her
blue glas glas
bread barra bara
partridge chugjar chuga
head pen pan
big mawr mah

But which language did the Atlanteans speak? We will never know. Also, we will never get the answer to the question why the Basque language (South Western Europe) is unique. It bears a certain resemblance to languages of American Indians but is different from Indogermanic languages. Taking into account the location of the Basque region, the language might be assumed a remnant of the Atlantean language.


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