Homer lived in the 8th century BC and was one of the most important Greek authors of antiquity. He wrote the heroic epics “Iliad“ which concerns the long-lasting war between the city of Troy and Greece and also the “Odyssey“ which is about the ten years‘ journey and odyssey of the Greek hero Odysseus.

Since this is a new form of mythology that is centred on man instead of god, these works are also referred to as myths of noble religion.

In the “Odyssey“, Homer mentions a Phaeacian island named Scheria. This island bears considerable resemblance to Atlantis. In my opinion, Odysseus seems to have made a side trip to Atlantis. To support my thesis, I worked out the comparisons from the myth:



Atlas – king Alkinoos – king
it was rich and had all nature has to give (food, ore,...) it was rich and people had everything nature has to offer (food, ore,...)
it was situated west of Gibraltar in the Atlantic Ocean it took Odysseus seventeen days to reach the Oceanic land (in the ocean)
he ports were surrounded by circular walls with a small entrance the ports were surrounded by circular walls with a small entrance
the main temple was dedicated to Poseidon the main temple was dedicated to Poseidon
everything grew on the soil because the sun could shine everywhere a warm west wind blew both in summer and winter so that everything could flourish
it had two springs it had two springs
the king’s residence was surrounded by a circular wall the king’s residence was surrounded by a circular wall
the king’s mansion was silver-plated and had golden pillars the king’s mansion was covered with pure ore, it shone like the sun and had golden entrance porches
huge fleet huge fleet

If the story of the Phaeacians is not the first Atlantean report, I will be at my wits‘ end. However, it is a matter of fact that Scheria is forever lost in the Atlantic Ocean. Moreover, this island is remarkably similar to the one mentioned in the Atlantis report.

It should be pointed out that one of the daughters of ATLAS, the Pleiades, was ALKYONE. This invites the inference of a connection with ALKINOOS.

Actually, there is not much doubt about the correctness of Homer’s writings, for in his stories he mingles cultural assets with mythological elements. The story of Troy was the first to prove the correctness of the Homeric epics.

Another daughter of ATLAS, king of Atlantis, was named MAIA. Did the ancient MAYA in America derive their name from this deity after the doom of Atlantis?

Did Homer in his Odyssey digest the legend of Atlantis that was apparently still subject to conversations at that time? Or was it his position as a scholar that granted him access to scripts with Atlantis-like stories? Anyway, comparing the Atlantean empire with the island kingdom of Scheria is a truly interesting endeavour.


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