Apparently, the religion of the Atlantean superpower bore great resemblance to the Greek religion – people worshipped sky, sea and sun. A blend of different nations, the Greek have been existing since 2000 BC, that is 7 000 years after the island’s doom. Let alone the Greek Pantheon of gods which is even younger. How is it possible, then, that Poseidon founded Atlantis, that Atlas was the first king and that Zeus razed everything to the ground?

Did Atlantis have a religion unknown to us? Or did the Atlanteans base their religion on the same religious roots that also underlie ours today? Or, even more speculative, were the Atlanteans the founders of our present view of the world? As is common knowledge today, the world’s great religions are based upon the same pattern:

1. the nothingness, total emptiness, chaos
2. the emergence of earth, flora and fauna
3. the creation of the first human being and his female companion
4. the Fall
5. the punishment of people
6. the arrogance of people
7. the Flood as punishment for the arrogance
8. the Saviour who creates a new generation of man and the resulting redeemers like Jesus, Buddha, Quetzalcoatl or Muhammad

Apparently, nothing has changed until today. Basically, our religions remained the same during the last 2 000 years. However, disagreement on several topics led to the split of religions: there is discord in the fields of garment colours, interpretations or the way one seems to know the Saviour.

The first religion recorded in writing to make use of the above pattern is Judaism, basis of Christianity. When it comes to the origin of today’s religions, Judaism, as old as it may be, is an equal fallacy – the roots of our present world view lie at a much deeper level. 5 000 years ago, the Sumerians had a complex religious system including all stories of today’s great religions. They were the first to write about total emptiness and the Flood. Hence, all religions can be assumed to originate from a single primeval religion which, in turn, came from somewhere in Mesopotamia.

Now let us have a look at the facts: the Greek religion is very young and the underlying religious roots both of the Greek people and the Occident originate from Mesopotamia. But how, then, is it possible that a western Atlantis had a Mediterranean way of belief when the roots of these religions come from the area around the Red Sea, in the east?

Is it true, then, that Atlantis is nothing but a vivid product of Plato’s imagination that becomes unmasked through such simple topics as religion? Or did Solon leave behind an incorrect translation of the pillars? I think we should have another look at the report in order to avoid mistakes.

“(...) Yet, before proceeding further in the narrative, I ought to warn you, that you must not be surprised if you should perhaps hear Hellenic names given to foreigners. I will tell you the reason of this: Solon, who was intending to use the tale for his poem, enquired into the meaning of the names, and found that the early Egyptians in writing them down had translated them into their own language, and he recovered the meaning of the several names and when copying them out again translated them into our language. My great-grandfather, Dropides, had the original writing, which is still in my possession, and was carefully studied by me when I was a child. Therefore if you hear names such as are used in this country, you must not be surprised, for I have told how they came to be introduced.(...)“

A translation that gives a faithful rendering of the gods – done twice: from Atlantean to Egyptian gods and from Egyptian to Greek gods. Hence, Atlantis was not called Atlantis and Poseidon was not the founder. Atlas was not the first king and Zeus never saw Atlantis, for he did not even exist at that time. The only possible conclusion is that Atlantis was polytheistic with a thunder god or sky god at the top. In addition, Atlantis was founded by a sea god. But who they were will be kept a secret forever.  

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